Highest quality, experience, expertise and diversity

Our qualified specialists work with the most modern operational equipment on 4000 m² of covered production area. A high level of quality and precise execution of customer orders is standard for us.

All manufactured products and work processes undergo constant quality control and help to achieve targeted flawless results. This is only possible in the long term through the quality-conscious actions of all our employees. We see quality as a central criterion when it comes to the success of our products.

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Made in Germany - a quality factor

German mechanical engineering stands internationally for a high standard of quality, specialization capability and innovative strength.
We are proud to offer these values in all our products and services.


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ISO 9001



ISO 9001 is based on four basic principles, which we have chosen as a guideline for quality assurance in our company:

  • We are guided by the external and internal requirements that have an impact on our quality management.
  • The focus for us is on the quality-relevant processes.
  • We follow the basic principle of customer orientation, which results in an increase in customer satisfaction and leads to continuous improvement.
  • Risks and opportunities are taken into account in equal measure to ensure the continuous improvement of quality management.

We are proud to have optimized our processes to the extent that we can guarantee our customers consistent quality of our products.

We can give this guarantee because we regularly deal with the current regulations around the topic of quality management in mechanical and plant engineering and do not come to a standstill in process optimization. Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001 and ensures a permanent improvement of our company performance through a focused and process-oriented approach.