CNC machining / cutting

CNC-controlled manufacturing technology is indispensable for the production of high-quality and precise components. In our modern machinery we can produce by means of modern processes, single parts, small series or special designs up to a size of X=8000 mm without reclamping.

Our qualified personnel ensures a highly efficient result at the different machines. It is our special concern to serve the individual customer requirements with high satisfaction.


CNC milling is a machining production process. The following applies to us: Whether small or very large, complex individual part or small series, welded construction or shape cutting – we offer the suitable machining.

Our core competence lies in the handling of large and difficult to clamp components as well as welded constructions.


Turning is one of the machining production processes in which rotationally symmetrical parts are manufactured.

We will gladly take care of the individual turning for your workpiece.


CNC drilling operations of all kinds. From simple hole patterns and thread cutting work to complex deep hole drilling in a wide variety of materials.

With our experience you will find the right process.

Surface grinding

For fine or finish machining of workpieces, they are ground with high precision using our surface grinding machine.

This allows us to produce a better surface quality after the milling or turning work. Surface grinding is well suited for smaller quantities or for elongated workpieces.

Grinding and polishing

The final touches are applied to the workpieces by our qualified employees during grinding and polishing.

Here, the surface is smoothed one last time and polished to a high gloss in order to reduce the roughness value to a minimum. Thanks to our know-how, the customer ends up with a workpiece that impresses with its quality and precision.

(Only in connection with preceding machining operations, no single-job production)