High quality painting

Preparation included

In our paint shop work 6 qualified employees, who process the components with high commitment and accuracy. Starting with the disassembly, cleaning and sanding of the components, the preparations are made for a professional and high quality painting. These pre-treatments are necessary to achieve a perfect finish of the product.

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Our finish for the perfect product

We specialize in meeting the various individual customer requirements with precision and perfection. For us, no components are too big or too small and no painting is too complex. Our goal is a perfect finish for the desired product and an all-round satisfied customer.

Modern paint booth

In our paint booth we work by means of modern technology and trained painters. Thus, we can achieve uniform and high quality results.

The direct suction of the free particles in the air creates a clean and homogeneous surface.

Interior dimensions: length 12 m, width 4 m and height 4.5 m