Machinery &plant engineering

Our passion for mechanical engineering includes the manufacture and assembly of special machines and systems according to your plans.

In doing so, we offer the customer a complete package of all production-relevant steps.

Starting with the personal consultation over the raw material procurement, the manufacturing and commissioning up to the cyclic maintenance of the desired machine or plant.

Individual plans require direct communication and a responsible partner. Take advantage of our “all from one source” service.

Production & Assembly

Together with our customers we work on the implementation of design concepts and prototypes.

All processes in our production are perfectly coordinated and enable us to optimize workflows, resulting in time and cost savings in production. Our customers can benefit from the know-how of our employees and also use the advantages of an off-site assembly.

Modification & Maintenance

Our service does not end with the completion of the machine or plant, but will gladly go beyond that if the customer so desires.

Of course, we also take over the subsequent maintenance and servicing of the delivered equipment.

Likewise, we offer our customers a conversion of existing machines and plants, also at your site. Our employees are at your disposal with their expertise and optimize or repair your special machine.


With our expertise and many years of experience in mechanical engineering, we also offer our customers our specialist knowledge in the field of repair and maintenance.

A loss of production can lead to high costs, we are happy to ensure your smooth production and fix existing problems quickly and efficiently.

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